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Whether you’re starting a large job, or some home DIY, we offer competitive rates for week day and weekend hire around the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town.

Simply send us a mail with what you need ad we’ll send you a cost estimate. From there, you can visit us, with your ID and POP and we’ll load you up with the equipment you need.


  • Don’t be let down by a breakdown
    Eventually, equipment will break, but the beauty of hiring is that you just have to let us know what piece of equipment you have hired has stopped working and we’ll be straight over with a replacement.
  • The latest and greatest
    Don’t settle for old equipment when you can have the newest models
  • Maintenance
    Hiring equipment from us will always include full maintenance – you don’t need to keep or obtain spare parts.
  • Whatever the job, you’ll be prepared
    Hiring ensures you have the right tools and equipment for the job.
  • No space? No problem!
    With hiring, you eliminate the need to have large storage space on hand which means less work, less inventory needs and less stress.

Tool Hire

  • Equipment Hiring
  • Breaking & Drilling
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